A lady enjoying a dish served at Amara Sanctuary Resort


Home to some of the best restaurants in Singapore, Amara Sanctuary will send you on a gastronomic voyage with these exciting dining deals.

Two women toasting wine at Amara Sanctuary Resort

Romantic Villa Dinner


Host an intimate weekend holiday with your partner at Amara Sanctuary and discover your dream getaway!

Three meal course served at Amara Sanctuary Resort

Two Course Menu


Our Two-Course Set Menu at Shutters brings you scrumptious, hearty meals that’ll fuel you up well.

Snacks & Bites


Munch on tantalising treats from the Snacks and Bites menu and unwind in the comfort of our space.

A lady enjoying a piece of cake in a cafe at Amara Sanctuary

High Tea


Give your sweet tooth a tropical vacation with an assortment of decadent desserts served with a wide selection of english teas, chinese teas and coffee.